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The Eadie-Lube continuous ring lubricating system was conceived primarily for use with Eadie wick fed PSM rings of the WR type. However it may be used with any type of wick fed ring, whether made from sintered metal or steel, and can be fitted to most types of new or existing machinery.

The special features of the system are the following:

Efficiency: The Eadie-Lube System is designed to provide just the correct amount of oil to the ring bearing surfaces whenever the traveller is running. Oil is drawn up to the ring by the action of the traveller and ceases to flow when the traveller stops.

Simplicity: The oil is not under pressure and there are no timers, pumps or valves to adjust.

Cleanliness: Because the system is sealed and the oil level in the manifold is below the rings, Eadie-Lube cannot leak. In addition, the flow of oil is automatically cut off from any ring that is not working, thus preventing any escape of lubricant from the machine.

Oil Saving: Users of Eadie-Lube report major reductions in oil consumption. This is because the amount of oil used is kept to the minimum necessary for efficient operation of the traveller. There is no wastage.

Maintenance: The oil bottle at the end of the system must be refilled from time to time, but otherwise very little attention or maintenance is required.

Operation: As the illustrations below show, the Eadie-Lube System consists of 3 main parts. The Oil Supply Bottle (A) is mounted up at one end of the machine and supplies lubricant by means of a flexible tube to the Oil Flow Regulator (B). The Regulator is attached to the ring rail and it’s function is to maintain the oil at a suitable level in the Manifolds (C). A Sight Glass (D) is provided at the end of the manifold furthest from the Oil Supply Bottle so that one can see at a glance that all the oil manifolds contain oil.

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