Steel Flange Rings & Travellers


Flange Rings

Flange Rings are used for the spinning and twisting of a wide range of short staple textile fibres, particularly cotton.

We offer a number of different shapes, designs and sizes to suit each process.



Standard Flange Ring

The standard grade is Toughmat which uses high purity material to provide a ring with stable quality and performance.

The Primat ring is recommended for more severe spinning conditions to provide longer ring life.

Nanospin ring is a newly developed ring with a special alloy coating which provides high hardness and outstanding smoothness. This allows shorter running in time and longer traveller life.

Single Flange Ring & Traveller

Riora Ring

The Riora ring is an adaptation of the standard ring which has an inclined and longer flange area. This larger contact area allows much higher spinning speeds, longer traveller life and improved yarn hairiness.

Reversible Flange Ring & Traveller

Flange Travellers


Flange Travellers are available in various shapes for different spinning conditions


C Shape

The original shape for medium and coarse counts at low speed.


A recent development for high speed spinning of medium and fine counts.


The Beta is also for high speed spinning but where extra yarn clearance is required.


The original traveller for use on the Anti Wedge Ring.

High Elliptical

A development of the elliptical traveller which gives extra yarn clearance.

Low Elliptical

A lower running elliptical traveller for increased stability.


Offers the elliptical traveller’s running properties with extra yarn clearance.


A low centre of gravity traveller for very high speed cotton spinning.

Standard SU

Inclined traveller for increased contact area and high speeds.

High SU

A development of the SU traveller with increased yarn clearance.

Comet SU

An improved design to avoid yarn contact with the ring surface.


Wire Section: The following wire sections can be applied to flange and SU travellers dependent on type:

Round (R), Half Round (DR), Half Round – Wide (DRW), Flat (F), Half Flat (HF) & Wide Oval (WO).








Surface Treatment:

Travellers can also be specially treated to give a longer life, smoother running and higher speed. The following finishes are available: Polished, Blue Sprint, Moly Sprint, Brilliant, Toughmat- Hi Ni, Mega, Falcon and Maxcee.


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