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PSM Standard is the original Sintered material from Eadie. PSM Standard can be identified by one notch on the shoulder. It can be used with Nylon or light weight Steel travellers depending on the ring depth (see selection table). PSM Standard Rings are ideally suited for cotton twisting, spinning sewing threads and for drawtwisting where both textile and industrial deniers are processed. PSM Standard is recommended for the production of glass fibre.

PSM 40 has a more porous structure than PSM Standard and is designed to provide increased lubrication. PSM 40 is identified by 3 notches on the shoulder. Only Nylon travellers should be used with PSM 40. Due to the higher porosity PSM 40 is ideal for production of course count  yarns   and   heavier  denier  cord   processes   ie  tyre   cord, polypropylene, twines and carpet yarn, etc.

PSM 70 is more ductile and fatigue resistant than PSM Standard due to the increased density and additional alloying elements. PSM 70 is identified by 2 notches on the shoulder. It should be used mainly with Steel travellers. PSM 70 rings are widely used in drawtwisting synthetics.

PSM 100 has the same ductility and fatigue resistance as PSM 70 but with a more porous structure. PSM 100 is identified by two notches, each one diametrically opposite on the shoulder. It is mainly used with Steel travellers. PSM 100 is a very versatile material and is particularly suitable for worsted spinning.

PSM 21C is a new material that has been designed with a much higher permeability than PSM 40. PSM 21C is identified by 2 spaced notches on the shoulder. Only Nylon travellers should be used with PSM 21C. The increased permeability of PSM 21C is particularly suited to heavy duty spinning and twisting processes such as wool, carpet yarns, tyre cord and technical yarns.


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