Eadie PSM Rings are impregnated with a synthetic lubricant and packed and sealed against corrosion. They should not be removed until immediately prior to installation to the railplates or clamping into the individual adapters or ring holders. When fitting PSM WR or WG type rings, remember to fill the oil reservoirs and allow the rings to soak for 48 hours before starting up.

After unpacking, handling of the rings with bare hands should be avoided. If this is not possible hands should be washed thoroughly and a light coating of oil applied to the whole surface of the ring before handling.

On installation, special care must be taken to ensure that no undue pressure is exerted on the ring, otherwise it may crack, distort or cause final fracture.

Check that the fixing screws of the ring holders are secure. If the screws have to be re-tightened special care must be taken to ensure over-tightening does not result in the ring cracking, distorting or breaking,

It is essential that the centralising of the ring and spindle, balloon control and snail wire pigtail are set accurately. If the ring and spindle are not central, then the twisting tension will show a variation that could cause early problems and result in a shorter ring life.

If the rings have been stored for a long time before use, we would recommend that they be reimpregnated by any of the methods detailed in our ‘Impregnation’ section, or immersed in an oil bath 24 hours prior to installation.            

Care should also be taken when fixing the rings onto the ring rail that the washer will not foul the traveller while running. The washer should be flush with the ring shoulder.

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