PSM Ring Oil Feed Designs


Eadie PSM WR   (Wick Recess)

This is the most advanced of the PSM designs because the wick is situated in a groove cut into the ring shoulder and protected by a vinyl tube covering. This internal wick keeps the ring consistently full of oil without any danger of oil contamination or wick damage.

The WR ring must have a difference between inside and fitting diameters of at least 9.5 mm.

Eadie PSM WG   (Wick Groove)

In this ring the wick is fitted in an annular groove cut into the ring’s rail, so that the wick is enclosed between the ring and holder.

It is particularly popular for conical rings, or wherever the ring section is too thin to permit the use of the WR design.

Eadie PSM SL   (Self Lubricating)
This is a ring of limited application with an annular wick and groove on the inside bearing surface, similar to the conventional Steel SL ring.

It provides abundant lubrication and is useful for heavy duty, high tension processes where it may be regarded as a low cost alternative or supplement to automatic lubrication systems for the most demanding work.

Eadie PSM SG   (Shallow Groove)

The SG ring is our standard recommendation where one of the pressure lubrication systems is used (e.g. Lincoln, Bielomatick).

It has a shallow, oil retaining helical groove on the inside bearing surface with a single oil-feed entry point at its highest level.

  • Other ring designs are available such as the WM and PHF.
  • Rings can also be made to suit individual requirements or adapted for particular fittings.

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