TEMLON NYlon travellers

Eadie TEMLON  travellers are known throughout the world as one of  the leading brands of Nylon traveller in the Textile Industry. They are manufactured using a high quality Polyamide material which has been specially treated to improve performance.

High speed, high precision, modern injection moulding machines are used during their manufacture. This ensures that speedy delivery schedules can be maintained and most traveller sizes are available from our stocks.
TEMLON  Nylon travellers have several advantages compared to steel travellers:

The correct weight of a traveller on a ring is determined by the yarn tension which it produces. Nylon has approximately double the coefficient of friction of  a metal traveller when running on a lubricated ring. Therefore to obtain the same yarn tension it is possible to use a nylon traveller with about half the weight of a steel traveller.

Nylon has only about 15% of the density of steel, so its bulk is about three and a half times greater than its steel equivalent.

Nylon also has the material property of being able to resist overheating and damage to a far greater extent than metal.
As a result of these factors it is possible to use a Nylon traveller with a much greater area, which improves heat dissipation, and a much lighter weight, which reduces ring wear.

These ensure that the ring and traveller life can be extended, the yarn tension is more uniform and therefore the yarn quality is improved.

TEMLON Nylon travellers are available in three types of material which have been developed to suit different spinning conditions.
The most popular material is Standard which is made using a Nylon 6.6 Polymer that has been specially treated to increase lubricity.
In some spinning conditions the fibres can be abrasive and therefore cut into the traveller at the yarn passage area. In order to overcome this special Glass Filled travellers were developed. These have a certain percentage of Glass Fibre which increases the rigidity and gives a longer traveller life.
In cases where extremely abrasive yarns are used at high speeds then the Metal Insert traveller is best. This traveller has a hardened Steel insert with a special coating moulded into the traveller at the yarn passage area. The special coating has a hardness of 1800 Hv to give maximum resistance to yarn cut.
TEMLON travellers are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes  to give best performance under different conditions. Eadie offer travellers made according to both the European and American series of weights. The full range of these shapes can be seen on the following pages.

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