The replacement of wicks and wick covers for PSM WR type rings should follow the detailed procedure shown below:

  • Remove the wick cover with a sharp needle

  • Remove the wick from the groove with the same needle

  • Take a length of wick (4 times the ring diameter) and fold it in half

  • Take a 100mm length of nylon fishing line 0.35mm in diameter and fold it in half. This will be used as a lacing needle

  • Loop the nylon through the folded end of the wick

  • Thread the two ends of the nylon through the hole in the ring, working from the fitting diameter into the groove

  • Gather the two ends of the nylon from the groove and pull the majority of the wick through the exit hole

  • Loop a single strand of wick round the wick groove and gently pull the two wick tails to ensure that the wick is located on the bottom of the groove

  • Cut the wick tails to the required length

  • Replace wick cover by stretching it over the ring 
  • Once the cover is in position, ensure that it is correctly fitted, i.e. that it is level and not twisted

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